Application example automotive

Shown above: an Autec assembly line for an automatic brake adjuster which consists of 64 single components which are individually assembled.

Rotary indexing table based testing of the automatic brake adjuster according to the specifications of the customer.

Subassembly of the automatic brake adjuster by robot and multifunction gripper.

DATA MATRIX code labelling by JAG-laser and automatic packaging in KLT boxes, separated by ok and not ok specifications.

Basic set-up:   2 linear transfer systems
2 rotary indexing tables
1 KLT packaging
Acceptance Criteria:   FAT + SAT + MSA + Repro
Control:   S7 / 300
Assembly control
SAP link
Output:   450 Pieces/Hour
OEE:   > 85%
Criteria:   Optical tests
Functional tests
Charge Exchange
Techniques:   Fats
Shims classify
Laser marking
Balls set
KLT Package